I am committed to improving the quality of life, fitness and independence of seniors in our community. I have over 30 years of experience working as a Physical Therapist in Humboldt County. I believe that it is important for our seniors to have access to the resources they need in order to remain safe and healthy in the home setting.


I have designed my business to provide skilled assistance for seniors who are not thriving at home, as well as to those who are motivated to set and achieve goals to maximize their functional potential. I will offer skilled care, with a comprehensive individualized evaluation of overall function, in order to manage optimal well being in the home setting. I will bill on a private pay basis, with same day cash discount. I will not be offering Physical Therapy as a covered service. Clients with acute injuries or illness will be referred back to their physicians, with recommendations for Physical Therapy, Home Health or other services, as indicated.

My goal is to empower seniors by providing one on one education, support and care giving that meets the highest standards of quality. Individualized instruction in a variety of wellness, fitness and general safety topics will be provided in the home setting. I will assist with goal setting over time, with follow up visits to maximize compliance and success. I will also provide skilled care giving to meet the needs of the fragile elderly population struggling or remain at home or return home.